2018 digital marketing: What needs your focus? What’s overhyped?

If your work involves digital marketing, you’ll know the pace of change is rapid and relentless; no-one should expect 2018 to be any different. You’ll also know that sometimes subjects attract a lot of attention but turn out to be more hype than substance. Here’s a quick guide to what should get your immediate focus and what may be hot … Read More

How to create your 2018 digital marketing strategy

create 2018 digital marketing strategy

2018 is just around the corner and there has never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of a coherent approach to digital marketing. So spend a few minutes with us as we outline the steps needed to create an effective digital marketing strategy. What do you want to do? Good strategy is simply a plan for moving from … Read More

Maybe you can’t trust digital data and why it does not matter!

digital marketing, ROI, digital strategy

The promise of digital: In October 2016 digital media spend overtook TV spend in the UK for the first time. Marketers have become convinced that digital offers better value than traditional media platforms, buying into the promise that digital marketing strategies provide better targeting, more flexibility and a more obvious ROI. This promise is founded on the idea that, although … Read More

How much does a website cost?

This is possibly THE key question when launching a new site or rebuilding an old one. But the answer is not straightforward. It’s a bit like asking ‘how much does a car cost?’…….it depends what you want it to do. If you’re an airline wanting to sell open seats up to a year in advance, car hire, hotels and insurance, … Read More

Creating the perfect content plan

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Why do you need a content plan? Owning media channels giving direct access to your priority audiences is one of the great pluses of the digital revolution. Site traffic, leads and sales can all be generated but the downside is a daily tsunami of content making attracting your audience’s attention and engagement a huge challenge. A well conceived content and … Read More

The basics of SEO explained

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Hard though it is to believe now, there was once competition among search providers. Google has won the battle so convincingly that its name is now synonymous with search and ‘Google it’ is the first resort of anyone wanting to check literally anything. So SEO actually means ‘how do I rank well on Google?’ as the company has a UK … Read More

Why doesn’t everyone love wireframes?

If you’ve never used wireframes, you might think they sound like something from the borders of geek-land, but they’re an amazing tool everyone should know about. Wireframes make website creation so much easier: Used well, wireframes can: – show what content your site requires. – enable decisions to be made about content structure and required content length. – link the … Read More

Hashtag strategy: the why, what and how of successful hashtags:

Hashtags are an essential part of a content and social strategy, enabling your content and feeds to be searched and found by people ready to engage. They are so all-pervasive that commentators can use the phrase ‘generation hashtag’ and be understood. They appear in song lyrics and everyday speech and major news events are built on social media using hashtags. … Read More

Social ROI: the good, the bad and the vanity metrics

Social networks have been the content and marketing bandwagon of the last five years. Almost no organisation can afford to pass up the opportunity social networks provide to communicate directly with its priority audiences. It was once about just doing it but that’s no longer good enough, social has to have ROI. There are 3 main reasons this proves so … Read More