Free download: How to make social media perform for you!

Social networks have been the content and marketing bandwagon of the last five years. Almost every organisation has, in effect, become a media owner and can benefit from the opportunity social networks provide to communicate directly with their priority audiences. But not everyone understands the requirements or resources needed to capitalise on the substantial opportunities social networks provide. This white ... Read More

2019 Digital Marketing: what needs your focus? What’s over-hyped?

If your work involves digital marketing, you’ll know the pace of change is rapid and relentless; no-one should expect 2019 to be any different. You’ll also know that sometimes subjects attract a lot of attention but turn out to be more hype than substance. Here’s a quick guide to what should get your immediate focus and what may be hot ... Read More

Watertight Marketing: fresh, valuable and applicable

My Watertight Marketing journey I have been in marketing, as a client, agency director or consultant, for over 20 years. I also have an MBA and have been exposed to all of the influential marketing and business theories of the last three decades. Blue Ocean Strategy, Core Competencies, McKinsey 7S, the BCG Matrix, Value Disciplines, Porter’s Five Forces, Kanban, Lean ... Read More

Create your perfect content plan today!

Why do you need a content plan? Owning media channels giving direct access to your priority audiences is one of the great pluses of the digital revolution. Site traffic, leads and sales can all be generated but the downside is a daily tsunami of content making attracting your audience’s attention and engagement a huge challenge. A well conceived content and ... Read More