“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison 

Wherever you began, you are now a multi-platform content company

It doesn’t matter if your company started in television, radio or print, digital media is now all-pervasive and creating opportunities for content companies. Of course, it is intensely competitive and enabling new entrants to build businesses that would not have been possible even five years ago. In fact, every visitor to this site should have chosen the ‘content company’ button because every organisation can now own media channels! All content companies begin life on one platform and become successful using it, developing the specialist skills that the platform demands. The challenge now, as new content delivery platforms populate the digital world, is to use content production systems and powerful brands to build new audiences on these platforms.

This is challenging. Apart from the competition, very few long-established content companies have been able to create revenue streams that come close to replacing the income lost in their legacy businesses. But the status quo is not an option. So how can content companies create a sustainable future?

The answer is not the same for any two companies, but it lies in:
– new service development taking advantage of the unique features of each platform
– a mix of revenue models from subscription to micro-payments
– a tiered content strategy that reflects the value your audience sees
– taking your advertisers with you


– brand strategy consulting
– media platform evaluation: marketing opportunity or revenue opportunity?
– business planning for multi-platform expansion
– new service launches
– cross-platform content strategy
– revenue modelling

“I have known Chris for many years since we first worked together in 2006. He has a first class understanding of branding across the media world from TV and radio to newer content platforms. He knows how to make brands effective across platforms and the power they have in acting as signposts in an increasingly complex content landscape. He is a thoughtful and resourceful problem solver and has the ability to work effectively across timezones and cultures. I have found him a pleasure to work with and hope to do so again in the near future.”

– Sanjay Salil
Founder and Managing Director, Mediaguru

Short case study

A long established Middle Eastern broadcaster has found its market-leading position being undermined as mobile and social media use in its territory have expanded at a phenomenal pace.

Market opportunities were reviewed and a cross-platform strategy created to help the broadcaster improve its reach and engagement, enhance its reputation and generate revenue opportunites across new platforms. Although this is a significant strategic shift, the focus is on mobile and video because this is where the audience spends so much time.

The strategy covers content production, staffing, revenue opportunities and key performance indicators. It will take some time to achieve its goals but, for this broadcaster, it is a critical and necessary move.

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