True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind rises it higher – John Petit-Senn

You know there is a digital opportunity out there

Your website, a content strategy, keywords, social media, SEO, email and mobile. But how do you make it deliver for you?

Your NFP or SME may be doing OK but you know you could be doing better if you were able to make the most of the digital opportunity. You are not alone. Its even possible to believe there’s some massive digital party going on somewhere that’s excluded you. There isn’t, but the people you want to reach are increasingly using digital in many aspects of their lives, so if you’re not able to follow them there, you will miss out. You may not know how to create a website that really delivers, make sure you can be found in search, or how the newest social media platform can work for you; and this is where we can help.

Because we’ve been around a while but have always been open to new ideas, we have a broad understanding of how digital tools work in the context of a wider marketing approach. Don’t forget, there a very few organisations where a 100% digital strategy would be effective, it simply would not reflect the way your audience lives their lives. So we always recommend a combination of channels or routes because you never know exactly when someone might be open to influence and research shows time and again that people who receive messages through 3 or 4 different channels are far more likely to pay attention.

We sincerely believe that expertise is demonstrated by being able to explain anything we do in simple terms. We never use jargon to disguise a lack of knowledge and would expect you to ask us to talk through anything you don’t understand.

So if you’re just starting on your digital journey or you’ve made some investment but been unhappy with the results, get in touch.


– Developing a digital strategy.
– Executing in whatever form makes sense for you, your organisation and your team. We’re flexible!

Training: Half days per topic for a small group :
– How to structure a website
– Content strategy
– Social media for B2C and B2B
– eCRM
– SEO and PPC.

“The work done by Chris at the onset of the project with focus on the User Journey and the development of Wireframes laid a solid foundation and basis for the subsequent phases of development and content generation. Moreover, his continued support during the development phase until we went live played a critical role in the successful completion of this project.

On behalf of my team and Crescent management, I would like to place on record our sincere appreciation of Chris’ efforts and contribution on this project.”

V. Ravi Kumar: Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Business Services, Crescent Petroleum

Short case study

A large NFP was struggling with downward pricing pressures on its public sector contracts, increasing competition in all areas of fundraising and a changing public and professional view of how best to support the people it benefits.

A series of internal stakeholder workshops and consultations were run, exploring future direction and attempting to find a sustainable proposition for the organisation. The output fed into a trustee presentation and consultation with staff representatives. In NFPs, possibly more so than in commercial organisations, it is vital to achieve wide-ranging buy-in and a collective sense of purpose.

A desk-based competitive review then enabled a clear market gap to be identified. We developed a new proposition, bringing together the skills and aspirations of the organisation and positioning it to fill that gap. The client described this new proposition as a ‘breakthrough’.

Please note: we never reveal identifiable client data. We have strict protocols for protecting client data and would extend the same protections to your organisation if you chose to work with us.